To provide a service that is mobile, simple and quick to get the funds that are owed to you as soon as possible through our tax goal initiative, while removing the stress that tax season tends to instill in many Americans around the nation. We are also dedicated to your personal information security throughout the process of your experience.

At MMT, We focus our time to providing our clients with a service that is swift, accurate, mobile and as simple as possible. We bring the tax preparer to your Apt. or doorstep, We are very dedicated to the work and ongoing training required to update and expand our tax preparation and financial knowledge of tax laws for the year to meet the needs of your individual and business requirements. You can expect us to thoroughly comb through your work details to understand what your job is, and what it entails, then calculate any appropriate deductions.  We want to help inform you not only what is allowable as a deduction, but also on how to structure your activities to minimize your tax liability. Simply state, we will tend to your tax situation and financial organization, focusing on helping you achieve both short and long term financial and personal goals.

Mission Statement